Friday, May 11, 2012

Too Squishy to Mooove...

This morning I had one of those "extra comfy bed" mornings... where you wake up and you're so cozy and content in bed that its absolutely unthinkable to get up when the alarm goes off. Case and point: my alarm went off at 630, I got out of bed at 815. Even Pig was annoyed when the stupid thing started beeping. She had been annoyed with me since about 9pm the night before... I made up a song about her being fat... "Thin Kitty, Fat Kitty, Long Like a Hotdog, Round Like a Hamburger" I'm a master of rhythm and rhyme.

Anyway, as promised this week I made some delicious Cornish Pasties, or as I'd prefer to call them Hand Pies. I just realized that these little pocket meals are probably the basis for Hot Pockets... anyway. I found the recipe through My Friend Pinterest and edited it to my liking. Here is the original recipe:

My Finished Product

4 cups white whole wheat flour
1/2c. Butter
1/2c. Dill flavored Chevre
6 tbsp ice water
1 tsp salt

1pkg Hot Ground Pork
1pkg frozen peas/carrots/corn
1 medium onion
2 cloves fresh garlic
2tbsp flour

I sauteed all of the insides together and then followed the directions from the original recipe to fill and bake them. They definitely didn't have to bake as long as the gal said, but they turned out delicious!!

I found out something terrible after the fact. The flour I used has 100cal for every 1/4c.!!! it seems sooo high. I was pretty depressed when I realized that, but now I'm over it. Will just have to really work in my workouts.

This weekend I am going to Miami for a work trip. Nothing too exciting. But in 3 weeks I'm going to Orlando for vacation! My friend and I have been planning what we are going to do for the time I'm there. And by planning I mean choosing restaurants of course... Florida twice in a month, kinda crazy!

*UPDATE on my other projects*
I had to transplant my Herby's to another container. I had a long conversation with a drunk farmer who explained why the glass jar system wouldn't work. I also transplanted my undead strawberries.

I am still using the face oiling and the daily oatmeal/almond scrub it is fantastic. My skin feels great. This week I am battling a pms breakout (boo...) and got to try some of Crunchy Betty's remedies! I found them here:

I am also still washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. So far so good, occasional static but nothing terrible.

The End!

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  1. Ohghh Emmm Geee - you crack me up - I laughed out loud at the drunk farmer and the undead strawberries. (do you have any idea what it takes to kill strawberries? Basically the dogs have to eat the plant right out of the ground...but sometimes they take that simply as being transplanted!)