Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its Been a While...

Its true... I went back to my non-blogger roots. But, I am determined to turn it back around. So many new and awesome adventures to talk about... and this way strangers can read them instead of me repeating them to friends and family over and over and over...

I have been knitting... it has been -10 degrees for 2 weeks, and I have been knitting. I'd like to say to stay warm, however ususally my fingers freeze so I have to take breaks. I'm pretty sure my new co-workers believe I live in a bowl full of knitting, its been bad. So bad in fact that my office ususally looks like this:
and I have begun counting my projects based on how many I can accomplish in a day, as opposed to how many weeks it will take.
I'm finding that people in Montana actually appreciate hand knitted goods, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy (no its not just the wine!). This year I am finally creating presents for christmas. Hours and hours are being spent on fun little scarves and hats for friends and family. Its such a lovely feeling! I cant wait for the first present, shipped out yesterday, to be opened!
Well I suppose its time to get back to my knitting... I mean office work... now. Pictures to come!

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