Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

Recently I was browsing through the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. I got a free subscription to the magazine a few months ago by sending in the back of two baking soda boxes and my receipt from the store... thus insuring that I had just become the only person on the planet subscribed to bh&g without grandchildren. Looking back on it now, I am also the only person (withoug grandchildren) that would take anyone up on their "mail-in offer". Oh well... I have always sworn that I'm 90yrs old on the inside. Anyway! Inside that lovely spring issue I found a recipe for "Never Fail Biscuits"... Well BH&G... Challenge Accepted!

It seemed simple enough, all the ingredients were waiting patiently in my baking cabinet. I didn't even have to soften any butter. Butterless biscuits, who knew? Or as my lovely sister said "whats the point?". I had bought 2 pints of fresh strawberries at the farmers market over the weekend and decided that instead of blueberries I would put those in. Also, when my lovely sister and mommy were in town we picked up some Quinoa flour... of which I had no clue what to do with. So I decided to try it in this "fail proof recipe". I halved the regular flour and threw in the strawberries and mixed away. This so called "fail proof recipe" said that once everything was mixed that you could add extra flour if needed (I did) and that you wanted it just wet so you could sorta pat it out and cut it into squares. I did as it told me... added another full CUP of flour (so much for the quinoa) and it was still sopping wet. I figured maybe I needed to mix it more... I dumped it on my counter with more flour and proceeded to kneed it. I would love to show you a picture of the mess that ensued, but... well... my cell phone is already messed up enough from having food and things spilled on it. There was no way to cut the dough (batter) into squares so I just slopped it into ball type forms on the cookie sheets.

Strawberry Biscuits

Challenge failed...
Challenge followed with...
Much better use of the strawberries!

Oh well... On another note I FINALLY!!! finished a knitting project. My dear blog is now properly named. 

 its a Scarf!

No! its a Cowel!

Funny thing about these pictures is its about 90 degrees outside and I had to put a sweatshirt over my tank top to make them look believable... oh well. Its purdy! It is also now packed away with my other winter gear... lol

I cannot wait to go home from work because I am going to cook some tasties! I have been reading books from my favorite series lately as if they were the last copies on earth and I never get to touch them again... I mean seriously 4 book in as many days... I have an illness. But! in these books they talk a lot about "pocket pies" little yummy filled pies that double as hand warmers! Brilliant! I'm trying my hand at something similar tonight, although like I said its HOT outside so I won't need hand warmers but they will go really well with the rainy grey skies.

Wish me luck!