Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Day Weekend

You heard how it started... The rest of the weekend was slightly less frustrating, partly thanks to beer! Yay beer!

I've been trying very hard to cook at home and take lunch to work every day... In hopes of shrinking my waistline instead of my wallet! So for this week I made an awesome tortallini soup with lots o'veggies!   

 And to go with it... Along the same YAY beer train of thought... I made a Raspberry Shocktop Bread, a product of some adjustments to a recipe I found through my friend Pinterest. You can find it here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/128000814378809712/

I also made breakfast for the whole week while I was at it. It's a delicious baked oatmeal dish! Another awesome Pinterest find: http://pinterest.com/pin/128000814378854397/

It starts like this - 

 Then you have some fun -

 Then it looks like this - 

Magic Bananas!

 and after a nice warm nap - 

 It's super delicious with a glass of milk! It also keeps me filled up for 4hrs, which is a huge feat bc I'm usually hungry every 2hrs... 

Anyway... Following the last post I decided to take out some of my irritation on the wood planks I brought home. They are nice and smooth now, and I got to use my cool new hand sander! It was fun, I even sanded some paint off of a chair because it was peeling and annoying. I am well on my way to having a lovely herb garden. Even more so today after my awesome sister read my other post and bought me seeds... In a store... In January... I knew they were year around!!

I finally got my boxes from my mom and with them my knitting supplies! So I decided to try this really pretty new stitch I found... On Pinterest... However, after 2 whole Harry Potter movies all I had was knots, guess I'm not quite ready for that one! I went back to the basics: 

 The kitties agreed it was a good decision? The Kitten was even willing to help!


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