Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today I tried to start a new project. It began well with a trip to my friend Kevin's for some boards, they would soon become the backboard for my lovely new wall-hanging herb garden. Yes, this project is inspired by my budding relationship (minor obsession) with my friend Pinterest, thank you for asking. 

Once I had the boards it was time to hit the local hardware warehouse, however, while I was driving I realized that: 1. I had no list 2. I was one cup of coffee in and 3. I was slightly hungry after rushing out of the house to start this ever so productive day. And by rushing I mean waiting on coffee, emptying the dishwasher, starting some laundry, filling the dishwasher, eating a banana, chasing The Kitten and squishing Pig... and eventually changing my clothes, filling my travel coffee cup (and waterbottle) and wandering out to the car. Once I made it to the car, I went back inside... It was damn cold out there! So I waited on the butt warmers to catch up to my plans.

Ok... back to the project. I pulled into the first parking lot that I came to (of course it was my work parking lot... Dang it!) to remedy situation 1 & 3... 2 would just have to wait. I created a list it looked like this: 


Seemed complete to me... so after a quick snack, I started back on my adventure. One thought I had was that the dollar store might have some pretty cool glass containers that would be cheaper than the suggested  mason jars, so I started there. It was a success! They had some awesome glass containers, assumabley for candles... possibly flowers... that will work very well for my purposes. So from the dollar store I wandered into the big W, the store that must-not-be-named, and lost all track of myself for awhile...

Once I escaped the clutches of the big W, luckily with my bank acct still intact, I finally made it to my original big box destination. I got most of what was on my list, including a hand held sander for less than it was at the big W! YAY no more hand sanding! Later I would realize that I forgot to buy some sort of hanging aparatus for the wall... but that is less of a tragedy than it really seems. When I found my way to the gardening section to buy my organic planting soil and herb seeds I realized just how much of a not-farm-girl I am... I would love to blame the beautiful weather outside for making me think that seeds are ready to pop out some sprouts and turn into plants in January, but that would be a lie. The truth is that growing up in a bussling little city made me think that things like packets of seeds were available at all times. This is apparenty not the case. They come into season just before the plants that they produce do. This was, very nicely, explained to me in less than a sentence by a seasoned farmer-turned-store owner in a feed store I decided to check out on a whim.

At this point I realized that I wasn't going to finish this project today. I was hungry and slightly embarrassed so I headed home. I unloaded the car and got called to work, so now all of my materials are hanging out at my house... Hopefully by the time the seeds are ready in March, so will the wall hanger. 


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