Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost in book land...

 So I have a blog... Just like I have a job, an apartment, and 2 cats... They're things that exist in the real world, however this week I chose to ignore them all. Now don't worry, I fed the cats, they're fine. But as for the rest of my usual life: the gym, the dishes etc... They just didn't break through. I got lost. I'm a reader, I love to read. However, I have to be careful when I read. Think of a method actor, when they get apart they immerse themselves, become the character. I have a feeling that if I had ever had any talent in acting I would have been a method actor... I'm sort of like a method reader. I get wrapped up I the lives of the characters. I wonder what they're doing and thinking when I'm not reading, I can relate them to things in my daily life (if I actually make it to daily life). This is why I have to be careful with fiction. I unwittingly threw caution out the window last sunday when I rented The Hunger Games on my Kindle. 

 I'm not sure I can even explain how amazing I found this book... I immediately bought the rest of the series. Dived in head first and am still reeling nearly 24hrs after finishing. I'm actually considering reading the whole series again this weekend. 

 Believe me I could sit here and analyze every bit of all of the books for you, however they may charge me for plagiarism. So all I can say is that they are an emotional roller coaster that I was not prepared for. The writing and story were both very good, which is rare. The only issue I had was a research/editing one... At one point the comment was made that the main character could live without her spleen.... Sorry, not true! It's called a vital organ for a reason... But I digress! Read the books! Or I will read them for you. 

Tomorrow I will bake, and maybe try to do the dishes... If I'm not reading. 

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