Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lack of blogging...

Ok so I'm apparently a terrible blogger... However I also haven't been knitting, so maybe that is why...

Ya sure... We'll go with that


Well I'm sitting here on the couch on my 4th day of spring break (yes as a grown adult I still got one this year) thinking that I should definitely blog more so I can put more things on my Pinterest boards... So here I am blogging! I'm not even certain what all has happened since the last time I blogged... But I do know what has been going on in my life and my oven!

Friday I started Insanity!! Yes, that Insanity. The one you see the infomercial about with the ridiculously sweaty ripped people... So far I can definitely say: 1. Yes you do sweat that much 2. Ouch! 3. You need a foam roller, ice, and ibu to make it through the first week!

Here are a couple things I have made recently:

Italian sausage and kale pasta!

NY style crumb cake

Tilapia w/hot beat, rice, and greens salad

Lemon brownies
Made a super happy wine rack!

I accidentally deleted some pictures from my phone before they uploaded so I lost some stuff, but luckily my friend Pinterest Keeps track of things for me... Check out my super awesome board (they're all awesome, but this one especially)


I am adding 2 new pins to that board tomorrow, though they will be slightly different. I'm making the chocolate magic cake but I'm changing it so it's vegan (no particular reason beyond expiramentation). And I'm also skipping their frosting in order to try the avocado chocolate frosting, I got 4 overly ripe avocados at the store today for $1.50! Gotta love those day old specials! Pictures and coworker comments to come... Shhh! They don't know I'm changing the recipes!

Ok so I think that is enough for now. However, I do promise to seriously try to blog more often... All 3 of my subscribers are probably very excited! Atleast I can claim that I'm talking to the whole world and not just myself!



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