Monday, April 16, 2012

Head First

This blog post is supposed to be happy and upbeat, but the pod is currently playing an incredibly sentimental song... Makes me want to curl up on the couch and continue reading my favorite book. I picked it up on Friday and couldn't be happier, something about it is so comforting even though it contains a LOT of violence.


Whew... Now that that is over I can move on and tell you all about the REVOLUTION I have dived (diven... dove?) into full force. Yes I know I am always starting new things and you rarely get updates on progress, but I promise, I will finish a scarf and my herb garden eventually. But back to this week's revolution. It began with My Friend Pinterest, no suprise there. It is mainly taking place in my bathroom (oh aren't tiy excited?) I am now starting to practice Green Beauty/Grooming techniques! My two initial expiraments are No Shampoo/Conditioner and No Facewash. I decided to go this route after running out of shampoo and being too lazy to drive the 4mi into town to buy more. My Friend Pinterest and I went on a search and found an article on homemade face wash and that led me to my new favorite blog!

Crunchy Betty!!

(I tried to get one of her cute little buttons, but being a baby blogger I still haven't figured out blogsy... mabye I should blog more)

She has so many great Ideas! Who knew that green beauty could be so easy and cheap! I am on day 4 of my, what Betty calls No 'Poo, transition and so far so good. A lot of the comments talked about their hair getting really greasy near the scalp and very dry on the ends, so much so that they had to hide their hair and brushes until they figured it out. I haven't had these problems yet, and I'm hoping that I don't! My theory is that because I spend so much time sweating at work/play/home (pure laziness) that my scalp is used to rolling in its own... I mean, producing its own oils. We shall see! Also, I have been using her suggested face oiling technique. Somewhere, someone learned in chemistry that like dissolves like. It wasn't me, I am a chemistry virgin, but I'll accept it because it sounds pretty logical. The first night I used this technique I fell in love. My skin is so soft and I've barely needed any moisturizer, once I finish tweeking my specific oil solution I probably won't need it at all! In the mornings I have been using a mixture of oats and almonds as a scrub, tomorrow I'm going to mix in some honey and see how that turns out. Either way my skin has been soft and glowy all week.

This is what my entire regimen now consists of

So awesome! I will have to be careful what I leave out though. I found that out the hard way this morning. I had just finished mixing up some honey and sunflower oil moisturizer, walked out of the room to grab coffee, when I walked back in PIG was helping herself to my yummy face food... The freaking cat won't eat tuna fish but she'll eat honey and oil??? Seriously, my cat is broken.

I am seriously enjoying the renovations I am performing on my life. I can't wait to see what else 2012 has in store! Hopefully some more yummies for my face and for my tummy! I have another blog that I have recently started reading a lot.

Her vegan, healthy desserts and foods are so amazing. I'm slowly gathering more and more ingredients to healthify my baking. No worries, there will still be desserts made with real butter and cream, just not all of them... it would defeat the purpose of the Insanity I have been partaking in! Yes, still making me sweat that much!


Later this week my lovely sister and mommy come into town. Hopefully our antics will provide some good stories for you all!

Good night for now



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